Monday, June 16, 2014

Mother's Day Blessings

11 May 2014: Mary with her Mother's Day gifts.

Now that Father's Day is over, I guess it's about time to share my Mother's Day from 5 weeks ago. That was during the last few weeks of the school year and the madness of preparing for Jacob and Danielle's upcoming wedding, so I wasn't doing much blogging in May.

Beautiful cards from my kids. They know I love sparklies!

I'm so lucky to have kids who remember me for every holiday and birthday. They always manage to make me feel specially loved.

They even decorated the envelopes!

Motherhood has been the greatest blessing of my life. Parenting is a tough job, but the rewards for those who embrace this calling are endless. The worries and headaches and heartaches, the sleepless nights and inconveniences, the costs and noise and messes...all are completely worth it each time your child, small or grown, says, "I love you." Or gives you a big bear hug. Or calls just to see how you're doing. Or tells you, "Thanks for your help." Or explains to someone, "I learned it from my mom."
Gifts are fun and wonderful, but Mother's Day would be pointless without the sweet ones who made us mothers and filled our hearts with unconditional love. Thank you, Sarah, Jacob, and Dylan, for filling my life with the riches of motherhood!

Sarah gave me this pretty fountain. I keep it on the kitchen table.
It's so soothing when I sit there to study my scriptures or tackle other tasks.

Jacob gave me the cute little earrings. He said he noticed I needed
turquoise-blue earrings to match my new Petrified Forest tee-shirt.
He also gave me the butterfly clip for the school ID I wear everyday.
I'm loving these gorgeous gifts!

Dylan checks out the spread at the missionary farewell luncheon.
Dylan contributed to my lovely Mother's Day with non-monetary gifts
that made the day extra-special for me.
Everyone was so nice to put on a big luncheon for me on Mother's Day. Just kidding! No, this was actually a farewell luncheon for Tony Bob, the older son of our friends, Robert and Susan. It just happened to be Mother's day when he gave his farewell talk in church. Tony Bob recently left to serve a 2-year mission in the Peru Arequipa Mission of South America. Way to go!

Tony Bob greets friends and family at his luncheon.

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